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Project Description

Basically its the server-side Java(tm) BlackBerry(tm) Push Service SDK ported to C#.

This project is intended to be a fairly close C# port of the Java-based BlackBerry Push Service SDK.

This Push Service SDK supports both Push Essentials and Push Plus application types.

For Push Plus applications the full set of features allowed by the original RIM Push Service SDK are also enabled push request storing, last notification tracking, application-level acknowledgements etc).

The high level SDK features are designed to use Microsoft SQL Server (2005 and above) for the application and request tracking storage.

The project is dependent upon Microsoft Unity v2, Microsoft Enterprise Library v5 and makes use of the new async/await keywords to enhance the original SDK behaviour which uses blocking network I/O logic.

The project can be built using;

  • Visual 2010 SP1 (targeting .NET 4 and using the Async CTP)
  • Visual 2012 RTM (targeting .NET 4.5)
  • The sample web-site is dependent on MVC 4 RTM

To build the documentation you will need Sandcastle Help File Builder taking care to install the Visual Studio extension and all other necessary components.


This Push Service SDK represents a work-in-progress and is still very much under development and testing.

Work is on-going to implement the following features;

  • Full documentation (SDK reference docs generated from the source are 90% complete)
  • Comprehensive test suite
  • Various samples covering the use of the SDK – both in terms of handling Push Plus acknowledgements and in terms of sourcing messages for both Push Essentials and Push Plus applications.

I do have a day-job so if you need something done in a hurry then dig deep and donate hard cash or better yet join the party and submit a patch.

As always – let me know what you think, what you want and what you need.

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